Fairharbour Establishment history

00 SE- Scarlet Empress takes the throne

10 SE- Relo Tenkin leaves the blessed isle and establishes Fairharbour.

145 SE- The Tenkin family begin planning mid-city, inner wall, palace
Over the next 50 years they begin initial construction and layout.

195 SE- Tenkin family is forcibly removed by the Dragon-Blooded and Quarter-Roy Paisley is put in power.

The following 250 years the Mid-city expands and grows.

445 SE- The Tread ends with the Siege of Fairharbour and the death of Roar Khan, prompting the construction of the outer wall.

620 SE- The Mid-city is filled and the city begins to sprawl outside the walls.

720 SE (20 AE)- The city grows gradually until the discovery of the Scarlet Empress’s disappearance.

750 SE (50 AE)- 30 years of uncontrolled growth from people escaping the conflict on the Blessed Isle forces the sprawl to reached its current state in the present day.

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Fairharbour Establishment history

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